Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club
Open Show – 3rd June 2012

A fantastic show set amidst the lovely Ochil Hills in such beautiful surroundings.   It was all in all a fabulous day and I felt very privileged to be judging this lovely breed club show.   With 112 dogs entered making 150 entries I must say my grateful thanks to the exhibitors not only for this fabulous entry but in the sporting way you accepted my decisions.   My two ring stewards were excellent and kept the ring flowing smoothly and the committee and secretary made me feel most welcome – especially as I am an ‘outsider’.
Overall my impressions were that type was very mixed, size I thought very uniform, temperaments excellent, handling and presentation good, heads varied quite considerably as did eye shape.    Ears good, front and hind angles could be better.   Tails on the majority short but well carried.

MPD(1) 1. MacKercher’s Caladonia Saltire – 8 month old whom I feel may well be already top size.   Was such an excellent make and shape with nice long tail set and carried correctly.   Good head length, eye a tad round good ears  well-presented and handled.

PD (3)    1.&BPIS Hay’s Degallo The Adjudicator – super sable boy of such good size, excellent shape and such a good mover, he couldn’t fail to impress.   Was lovely to go over on the table with his excellent front and hind angulation, super neck, good head length, perhaps a bit more stop for perfection but he is young, sound out and back and correct tail set and carriage.   Should make a nice one without a doubt.  2. Gartland’s Arcot Out In the Dark – Tri baby of very pleasing type, good size, better head than 1 at the moment but couldn’t match him in angles.  Moved soundly and steadily – so well presented and shown in such super coat.   3. Sangster’s Suleskerry Night Sky.

JD (5)  1. Smith’s Orean The Bootlegger – young sable boy but shows a lot of promise – even though he is at that in-between stage he has potential.   Super size, lovely head with parallel head planes and good eye shape, excellent ears, good neck, front angles OK, good body length.  Nicely moulded croup, correct hind angles and neat hocks.  Good tail set and carriage, moved really well and shown to advantage.  2.  Stafford’s Rannerdale Goldfinger – heavier built boy than 1 – masculine well balanced head which I feel could go a bit heavy as he gets older, well-shaped dark eyes, high ears, good neck, pleasing front and hind angulations, well carried tail.   In super coat which was well presented, moved soundly.   3. Hepburn’s Leterickhills Emma’s Boy.

YD (2)  1.  Nixon’s Japaro Designed In Time – Pale sable boy of excellent size – lovely well shaped head, correct stop, good dark well shaped eye, excellent ears, neck OK.  Front and hind angulation OK.  Good tail set and carriage, just needs to settle on the move and mature in body.   Well shown and handled as expected.   2. Rycroft Knightside Skyblue – top size boy, enjoying his day out in this well presented coat.

ND(4)  1.  S.OB, 2.  A.O.I.T. B. 3. C.S.

GD(7)   1. MacKercher’s Caledonia Slainte Mhath Jw.ShCm – Sable boy of excellent make, shape and overall type.  He is of excellent size with correct substance, good head length, correct stop, dark well shaped eye, pleasing neck, front angles and upper arm OK, good body, excellent hind angles, neat short hocks, good tail set and carriage.   Well presented coat – moved soundly out and back and with drive on the side gait.  2.  Hepburn’s It’ Jack the Lad Again – good size masculine sable boy who really is coming into his own now.   Good head with correct dark eye, ears OK, good neck, good front and hind angles moved soundly out and back, steady side gait, well-handled and presented.   3.  Wilkie’s Avonbank Designed In Gold Jw.

PGD(5)  1. McIlquham’s Murieston Prince Charming – haven’t seen this boy for a while and thought he moved and showed impeccably.   Excellent overall type and substance, lovely head and eye, neatest of correct ears, super neck, balanced front and hind angles, lovely tail set and carriage.   Moved very soundly out and back and with drive on side.   Well handled and presented, just needs a lot more maturity to compete for top honours.   2.  Jaworska’s Kylecroft Kyluca – Tri boy of good make and shape, super balanced head and eye, moderate front and hind angles.  In good coat – moved soundly, could be a bit shorter coupled.   3.  Sangster’s Drumcauchlie Two Tone.

LD(5) 1 and BD Scott’s Degallo The Ultimate – young sable boy who is so appealing for his overall make, shape and most lovely type.   He has a lovely well balanced head with correct stop, dark well shaped eye and his ears bang on top.  Super neck, good withers, correct front angulation and upper arm length, straight front legs and good neat feet, well bodied with good top line, lovely moulded croup, good tail set and carriage, good front and hind angulation, sound out and back and driving side gait.   In super coat and condition – handled to advantage.  2.  Saunders Torrieglen Trailblazer – another sable boy of good overall type – size smaller than 1 and I felt lacked a bit of masculinity but made up for this in his super construction and lovely head.  Balanced front and hind angles, good coat and condition.   Moved soundly.  3.  Jaworska’s Bluequarry Blue Boy.

OD(3)  Interesting class with 3 quite different dogs.  1 and RBD Isdale’s Viewdale Patrol Dancer Jw – mature heavy coated boy who won this class on his complete soundness.   Correct size and substance balanced head, flat skull with parallel planes, eye dark but round, ears correct and bang on top, good neck, good balanced front and hind angles, good tail set and carriage.   In full, well presented coat – really moved out correctly on the side gait.   Well-handled and presented.   2. Stafford’s Ch. Rannerdale Bugsy Malone – mature boy who scores heavily on his lovely type – masculine head with good eye and ears, lovely expression, good neck moderate front angulation, tad long in body.   Short in stifle, good tail set and carriage, not the free flowing movement of 1 and his hind quarters rotating too much.   3. Smith’s Orean Top Gun.

VD(6)  1.  Cooper’s Ch. Caurniehill Single Malt – lovely dark mahogany shaded boy of such lovely type.  Gorgeous masculine head with good length and head planes and good stop, dark eye and lovely ear set and carriage.   Pleasing neck, front OK, good body of correct proportions, nice hind angles, good tail set and carriage.   Moved soundly and steadily around the ring.  Well handled and presented.   2. White’s Black Warrior – well put together tri boy who was very soundly constructed and moved well, pleasing head, dark eye and good ears.   In good coat and condition.   3. Main’s Ch. Shenachie Starling.

SPO(S/W)  1. Stafford’s Rannerdale Ringmaster – dark shaded sable of super type as is expected from his breeding.   Super balanced head, flat skull, dark well shaped eye, good mouth and ears.   Neck a tad short and needs more front and hind angles.   Moved OK.   In such superb well presented coat.

SPO(Tri)  1. Main’s Shenachie Night Jar – smaller sized male all over, having said that he was so well and correctly put together.   Flat skull, good dark well shaped eye, ears could be higher, good neck, excellent front and hind angulation, correct tail set and carriage, moved very soundly out and back and superb driving side gait.   In lovely coat.

SPO(B/W & B/M) 1. Ardlyn Charley Harper – pleasing B/M of good make and shape – super colour.   Moved soundly enough with correct tail carriage.   Bit overdone in head and stop for me, well shown and presented.  2. Sangster’s Sulskerry Night Sky – top size B/W boy in lovely coat and condition.   Balanced head, moderate angulation.  Moved OK.  3. Main’s Seavall Blakeney.

SPO(Owned & Bred in Scotland) – 1. Scott’s Degallo The Likely Lad – another lovely boy from the same mould as most from this kennel.  Nicely moulded head of good length and correct stop.  Dark well shaped eye, good ears, neck OK.  Moderate front and hind angulation, solid body, tail set and carriage OKI.  Pleasing front construction, hind action could be steadier, well handled and presented.  2. Jaworska’s Degallo The Renegade – much the same as above applies to this boy – bit heavier in head than 1 and could be a bit shorter coupled but overall a quality exhibit in lovely coat and condition.  3.  S.T.T.

MPB(6) 1. Nixon’s Japaro Making Music – hardly 6 months old but what a sweetheart, she couldn’t fail to catch your eye, such a lovely sheltie and very endearing.   Sweetest of heads in perfect balance – dark well shaped eye, ears bang on top, good neck, correct angles front and back.   The looks of a good coat coming through.   Good tail set and carriage.   Moved soundly out and back but as expected just needs to settle down overall and would now like her to grow on just a wee bit!  Top quality babe.  2. Main’s Shenachie Crystal Gazing  sweet baby, finer all over but well made.   Sweetest of balanced heads, good eye and ears, moderate neck, good front and hind angles, good tail set and carriage.   Took her time to settle on the move but she showed soundness and drive when she did settle.   Just needs to grow up now.   3.d Cox’s Hauxmeade Romantic Dream.

PB(  )  1. Nixon’s Lavinka Looby Lou at Japaro – top quality bitch who caught my eye as soon as I saw her come into the ring – she did her utmost to throw away her chances but I just couldn’t ‘t look bye her and she would have gave my Best Puppy Dog a run for his money had she behaved.   Ideal for size, type and substance.   Sweetest of feminine heads, dark eye, good ears, excellently made, correct front and hind angles, solid body, lovely tail set and croup.   In super coat.   When she finally settled showed lovely sound movement.   Top class sheltie who needs to be campaigned more.  2. Scott’s Degallo Diamond Diva – another superb type bitch and much the same crit as 1 applies here as well. Super mover and shows so much promise but not quite the head qualities or sweetness of expression as 1 – but splitting hairs.  3. Wilkie’s Avonbank Ri’Anna.

JB( ) 1. Elder’s Ellenyorn Endless Love – such a lovely young lady with so many qualities and virtues who does handle really well, lovely to go over.   Sweetest of heads, dark well shaped eye, neat ears, lovely neck and correct front and hind angles, super body, sweeping tail set and carriage.   In good coat, moved very soundly out and back and super driving side gait.   Should do really well with maturity.  2. Cox’s Hauxmeade Romantic Dream – nice enough overall for type and construction.   Good eye and ears, balanced head but finer in muzzle than 1. – well-made body, sound mover with correct tail set and carriage, well handled and presented.   3.  Cox’s Hauxmeade Heidi Rose.

YB( )  1. Moir's Eilnworb Equinox – pale sable of good size and femininity, sweet balanced hear, good ears and dark expressive eyes, moderate neck, moderate front and hind angulation, pleasing body, top line OK.   Moved soundly out and back and with a steady controlled side gait.  In pleasing coat and condition, well shown and handled.  2.  Saunders Torrieglen Tallulah – smaller overall type of pleasing make and shape, sweet head and expression, moderate angles fore and aft, moved soundly enough.

NB(  ) 1. Elder’s Ellenyorn Everlasting Love – really lovely bitch who scored highly for her overall superb type and construction.   Ideal size and substance, sweetest of heads with parallel planes, Dark eye, correct stop, ears bang on top, moderate neck, correct front and hind angles, lovely croup, tail set and carriage.   Moved soundly out and back and with great drive in side gait.  In lovely coat and condition, just needs to settle down to the job in hand and could have pushed the big girls more.    Very promising.   2. N.L.L.L.A.J.  3.  Wilson & Malinawski@s Dasgeda Wild Child.

GB(  )  1. Stafford’s Rannerdale Lady Eloise – another lovely type bitch from this kennel – ideal for size, substance and with a lovely head.   Excellent flat skull, dark expressive eyes, good ears, moderate neck, front angles OK, sound body, good hind angles, tail OK.  Moved well going away but wide coming towards.   Pleasing side gait, in super coat and condition and expertly shown.  2.  Wilkie’s Avonbank Wish Upon A Star – a real sweetheart with a head and expression to die for, super overall type and of correct size and substance.   Dark eyes and ears bang on top – moderate neck, moderate front and hind angles.   Moved soundly and steadily.  In super coat and condition and shown with care and consideration.  3.  Fotheringham’s Jet Black.

PGB(  )  1. Hill’s Molson Midori Sunset – pleasing bitch of good size and substance, sweetest of balanced hears, dark well shaped eye and good ears.   Moderate neck, good balanced front and hind angles, good tail set and carriage.  In pleasing coat and well handled.  Moved soundly and steadily.  2. Moir’s Juxondale Echo of Eilnworb – pleasing bitch overall with plenty of virtues – not quite the head, expression or eye shape as 1.   Well put together with pleasing angles and good tail carriage.   She moved soundly and steadily.   3.  Hepburn’s Leterickhills Niki’s Girl.

LB(  )  Super Class and first 3 excellent bitches.   1.  Wheeler’s Harribrae Hidden Image – couldn’t take my eyes of her as she came into the ring – she epitomises what I consider to be a real sheltie – she scores in type with the most loveliest of sweet heads, parallel planes, correct well set eyes and the most melting of expressions,  high ears, superb neck, lovely upper arm and shoulder angles, super body, good ribs, nicely moulded croup.   Excellent long tail which was well carried, she moved soundly out and back and steady driving side gait, overall I would have liked her coat to have been better presented and this was the deciding factor when it came to the challenge.   A super bitch who could gain her title given half a chance.   2. Fitzsimons’s Semitar Dream Babe of Shelpek, what a class with 2 lovely bitches and she certainly gave 1 a run for her money.   She is such a lovely type with correct substance, sweetest of well-proportioned head, flat skull, darkest of well-shaped eyes and topped by lovely well placed ears.   Moderate neck, correct front and hind angulation.   Well set and carried tail.   In superb well presented coat and showing her heart out – a real bond between dog and handler.   Will no doubt push for top honours soon.   3.  Stafford’s Rannerdale Queen of Hearts Jw.

OB (   )  Another class with such quality bitches it really came down to nit picking on the day.  1.  Stafford’s Ch. Rannerdale Star of the North Jw.  I wasn’t surprised to find out later she was a Champion as it’s certainly written all over her – she has that elusive stamp of sheer quality and my goodness she knows it.   The complete sheltie, scores heavily for her overall type – superb one piece head, balanced, flat, correct stop, good dark well shaped eye and super ears to top it off.   Excellent neck, correct front and hind angulation, well bodied, super croup;, tail set and carriage.   Moved soundly out back and lovely for reaching side gait.   To top it she was in the most superb, well presented coat and really showed her heart out.   A lovely bitch who was a real pleasure to judge.  2. Nixon’s Japaro Designed In Dreams – lovely bitch who really pushed hard in this class.   She too scored highly for her lovely type, ideal size and substance.   Sweetest of head and ears and expression to die for.   Excellent neck, correct front and hind angulation, good tail set and carriage, but close going away, sound coming on, excellent side gait.   Superb well-presented coat and shows to advantage.   3.  Wilkie’s Avonbank Li’Anna Jw. ShCm.

VB (  )  1 and BVIS  Hill’s Molson Babe -what a super bitch this is and so well put together.   He has a classic make and shape – sweetest of feminine heads, dark eye and lovely ears, super neck and lovely front and hind angles.  Moved very soundly out and back and very free moving side gate.  In super coat and condition – Top quality bitch all round.   Showed and presented really well.  2. Hardman’s Seavall Stevie Jw – Good overall make and shape, balanced head, good eye and ears, in super coat.   Moved well and soundly – nice driving side gait.   3. Scott’s Degallo Destiny’s Child.

SPOB(S/W)  1. Ironside’s Evad Sommer Blossom of Lochkaren  - quality light sable.   Good length of head, skull a bit flared but flat, good ears, lovely neck, good balanced front and hind angulation, nice croup and tail set, good tail carriage.   Moved soundly in all directions.  2. Wilson’s Japaro Edged With Lace – pleasing bitch for overall type, well put together with good angles, carrying bit too much weight and could show to better advantage.   Well-handled and presented – quality good.  3. McSheehy’s Ashkirk Heads or Tails.

SPOB(Tri, B/W, B/T) 1. Elder’s Tachnamadra Queens Melody of Ellenyorn – won this class on overall type.   Sweetest of heads, good flat planes, neat ear, dark eye a bit round, pleasing neck, balanced front and hind angles.   Moved soundly with good tail set and carriage.   Top line could be better.   In great coat and condition.  2. Fotheringham’s Jet Black – nice tri bitch who moved soundly in all directions with pleasing type and construction.   Sympathetically handled to get the best from her.   3. Hardman’s Seavall Tilda.

SPO (B/M) – 1. Fitzsimons Longdells Highland Mist over Shelpek – lovely mature blue bitch in tremendous coat and condition, came into the class as if she owned it,  substantial type of good size, pleasing head, flat with good eye shape and colour.  Tad deep through, ears lovely super neck, great front and hind angles with lovely long sweeping tail.   Moved very soundly out and back and with drive on the side.   Shown to perfection, quality lovely.  2nd Fotheringham’s Blue Snow k- nice quality lady who moved soundly and steadily to take  2 in this class.   Attentive to her owners, shown and presented well.   3. Main’s Shenachie Snowberry.

SPO(Owned & Bred in Scotland) – 1. Hill’s Molson Million Dollar Baby – another quality exhibit from this breeder and all out of the same mould as her other two class winners.   She excels in make and shape, sweetest of heads with lovely flat skull and dark expressive eyes, bang on for ears.    Lovely neck, correct angles fore and aft and she moved very soundly and with drive in all directions.  Super coat and condition and so well shown, pleasure to judge.  2. Fotheringham’s Leterickhills Ice Queen – quality bitch with very pleasing overall make and shape, sweet head, well proportioned, good ears, good neck, correct front and hind angles, moved soundly and steadily.    Not quite the expression of 1 but lovely bitch.   3. Sangster’s Drumcauchlie Sundae.

John Ritchie